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Technowomanism Thesis Drippings: A Moral Imperative for Social Justice, Faith, and the Digital Space

Accompanying the thesis I wrote for my Master of Divinity are a series of videos which extend the conversation I engage with in the text.

The first is an introduction to the topic of my thesis. The second is the four part definition of womanism that Alice Walker wrote in the preface of her 1989 prose In Search of Our Mother's Gardens: A Womanist Prose. The third video links the famous Ain't I a Woman speech of Sojourner Truth to the struggles of women in the gaming and tech industry during Gamergate. The fourth video is a bombastic look at the sorts of vitriol that those women and others face online as harassment. The fifth video examines the #IfTheyGunnedMeDown hashtag and surrounding social justice issue. The last video is an outro to my thesis.

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