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The rumors are true,
I'm Shamika

But that's not all that's true about me...

After serving a year with AmeriCorps, I soon after began serving as a Tech Chaplain at Union Theological Seminary in the city of New York.  I wanted to incorporate my passion for technology and social justice into the incredible work I was doing in seminary with liberation theologies including womanism.  For my Master of Divinity thesis, I crafted technowomanism


I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the Information Science department at the University of Colorado at Boulder continuing to study technology, ethics, and social justice issues.  My advisor is Dr. Casey Fiesler.  I want to serve others through technology--both helping to make it more ethical and equitable through technowomanism as well as empowering people around their tech as a Tech Chaplain


My married name is Shamika Klassen, so you may see publications and talks with my former name "Shamika Goddard" here and elsewhere.  

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